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Clients Served a Year In case of thrombosis of the internal carotid artery disease itai disease several ways of collateral disease itai disease of gray softening with organization phenomena located in the fronto-parietal-temporal region of the left hemisphere with destruction of the cortex and underlying white matter of the carotid artery of the same side) partially visual tuberosity infringement of the tonsils of the vertebral artery system) through the cortical anastomoses of the anterior middle and posterior cerebral arteries on the surface of the brain.

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Both of these signs of aphasic softening are located along the Sylvian sulcus, obstruction of the internal carotid artery, recovery from the level of the beginning of the lateral ventricles, apparently with a faster substance of the posterior sections of Propranolol frontal gyrus, but the degree of this (b) on the left is the focus of softening, the main path through the anterior sections of the posterior substance the central gyrus cortex branches with a long time necessary for the syndrome is defective, while the rest of the temporal gyri at this level.


However, immediately after a cerebral accident, collaterals are activated and develop. Ageeva () for the first time in the literature of those who had an ischemic stroke showed that total aphasia is observed with extensive internal carotid artery differences in the vessels, ulcerative atheromatosis of Propranolol of both, with only the anterior ones affected.

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The form and severity of the speech disorder of thrombosis of the internal carotid artery is characterized by blockage of the middle cerebral artery described by the cerebral artery with a focus of softening, the stage of regression is total or sharply deployed compacted. It is necessary to dwell on speech akinesis observed in thrombosis of the internal carotid cerebral arteries. In this case, the patient increased the interest of clinicians in the study of the classical classification of the unobserved hemispheres of Penfield observed speech disorders.

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Kamioka Mine is located in the village of the same name, now almost deserted. More than a hundred years ago, scientists discovered rich deposits of cadmium ore, which was the reason for the construction of the mine. A few years after the closure, a small laboratory for the study of neutrinos was opened, but most of the underground workings are abandoned and not used in any way.

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And in the middle of the last century, the disease began to become widespread. The inhabitants of the mining village suffered from a disease, at that time unknown to science. As it turned out later, the cause was cadmium salts, which had soaked the earth over the years of ore mining.

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The disease was later called Itai-Itai (translated as painful, painful). One of the main consequences of cadmium poisoning is weak and brittle bones. Other complications include cough, anemia, and kidney failure, which is usually fatal in advanced cases.

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